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who we are


We are a secondary health care service provider. Our mission is to promote early recuperation and restore functional activity to normal/near normal state as soon as possible, and to adequately meet the demands of patients/clients as regards health and wellbeing, Our outfit was officially commissioned on the 26th day of April, 2009. Our vision is to become a leading provider of healthcare services in Nigeria, through efficient and timely response to the needs of our patients, to meet with government policies on health care delivery and to be a world class health management consultancy firm at a reasonable cost without compromising on standard.


Based on the PMC model of physiotherapy, Medical and Consultancy Services, we are consistently committed to add Value to your health and state of wellbeing.


The Clinic is under the Directorship of Dr Awolola N.A   (CONSULTANT Pathologist)  AND  Dr.  Awolola   E.O  (Respiratory Physiotherapist)  DPT, MSC, B.PT  (Ib), MNSP, BLS.


Our    structure     is    a   dimension    with    a  consulting/Investigation  room,  Treatment  rooms,  Waiting area and a Gymnasium.


Currently we are structured to cater for out-patient services and we offer Domiciliary  (home) services to patients who can not come to the clinic.

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