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With our board certified Physiotherapist and their various wealth of experience we should be able to meet with demands of your health need at a reasonable cost without compromising on standard. We offer free consultancy services on the dangers of non communicable diseases and the drug free approach in the mangement of these condition(s), our approach is unique through periodic seminars on preventive health and public enlightenement on the dangers of the world's third leading cause of death (non communicable) diseases.

PT.Oleru Gloria


Graduated from University of Lagos with Bachelor of Physiotherapy Hons, She is a versatile Clinician with special hands on skill in Stroke management.

PT. Ajanaku Gabriel


Graduated from the famous University of Lagos with Bachelor of Physiotherapy Hons, He is skilled in Manual therapy and also possesses hands on experience in most of the prevailling Physiotherapy condition. He recently completed an update on cervical and lumbar scanning as key screening tools in musculoskeletal condition(s)

PT.Adegbite Korede


Graduated from university of Lagos with Bachelor of Physiotherapy Hons,  he possesses a good hands on skill in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, and also has a thorough understanding of the advanced biomechanical rehabilitation technique

Dr Olusegun Olukunle


A general practitioner and a seasoned clinician, graduated from University of Lagos with M.B.B.S Hons.

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