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Childhood asthma and other related respiratory impairments

Asthma is an episodic occurrence commonly provoked by irritation of the airways by dust, polyps, allergens e.t.c. It is characterised by wheezing , coughing and chest tightness usually from narrowing of the airways which is reversible is reversible after a short duration of time.

In a study conducted on the effect of Interferential therapy (non pharmacological agent) on selected respiratory parameters of people aged 18 - 65 living with bronchial asthma, a significant improvement were recorded.

Pulmonary exercise (breathing control, thoracic expansion e.t.c) have been scientifically proven to be efficacious in the management of respiratory impairments viz-a-viz obstruction and restriction.

Visit a Respiratory Physician or a Respiratory Physiotherapist for a detailed assessment of your Respiratory system and resolution of your Respiratory challenge(s)

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